Blog of the Month: July 2015

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blog of the month The Healthy Food Review
by Coach Melanie
~ Nevada, USA

Healthy food product reviews–know if these offerings are worth opening your wallet and mouth for; food, health and fitness industry issues, news and practices; healthy food makeovers; healthy food recipes.

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Queue Backlog

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We’re dealing with a large backlog in the queue at the moment — please do not be alarmed if your site is not listed quickly, we will get to it as fast as we can! Thank you for your patience!


How To Submit Your Blog

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To submit your weblog to the directory, please use the Register Your Blog tab in the upper right of the page.

To change your listing, use the same links but change the selection in the drop-down box at the top of the submission form to “Update.”


Link Buttons

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Though it’s not required, if you’ve submitted your site to Globe of Blogs please feel free to link back to us!

Please note, you’ll need to SAVE AND UPLOAD THE BUTTON TO YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Hotlinking the image from Globe of Blogs will not work and you’ll end up with a broken image on your blog.

Text link: <a href="">Globe of Blogs</a>

Image #1: globe_blogs.gif
<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

Image #2: goblink.gif
<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

Image #3: gob_gotblogs.gif
<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

Image #4: gobgray.gif
<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>


Why Isn’t My Site Listed?

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I receive several emails a week inquiring why weblogs are not yet showing up. I’m not always able to answer these emails individually, and have updated the FAQ with a section that may answer the question “I submitted my weblog a while ago, so why isn’t it listed yet?” It’s possible that it could be for one of the reasons listed below:

1. The site submitted is a .rss or .xml page. Globe of Blogs is not a feed aggregator. (If your site has a .rss or .xml feed that’s fine, just please don’t submit it as your listing.)

2. The site submitted is a commercial site with no weblog content.

3. The site submitted does not contain any weblog content.

4. The site submitted has one or fewer weblog posts.

5. The site has not been updated in the last three months.

6. The submission was incomplete; usually an invalid URL.