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  • passionate poetry by ae d.
    list of personal poetry and favorite others; personal poetry love friendship famous poem poems letters fave favorite song lyrics
    Location: No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • Yonder by Agata Lenczewska-Madsen
    Location: Viborg, Denmark Flag of Denmark

  • Broken Postcard by Alex Crockett
    This is a blog that openly explores the development and shifting of a world view. The view is aesthetic and analytical, looking at culture, philosophy and ideas, through writing images and photography.
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Formula Fed and Flexible Parenting by Alex Elliot
    For those of us who didn’t get an instruction manual with our babies and for whom parenting hasn’t always gone as planned. On a more serious note this blog is about supporting a woman's ability to make her own choices about parenting including the choice, for whatever reason, not to breastfeed.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Anything Else by Amit Upadhyay
    A Blog by Amit Upadhyay, discussing technology and technopolitical events.
    Location: Mumbai, India Flag of India

  • Pakalert Press - What's REALLY going on in the world by Anderson Barkley
    Pakalert is a research project that turned out as one of most popular alternative news publishers over Internet providing news and views to public about such current affairs that the main stream media is hesitant to discuss. We provide awareness and resources to the public and help them in preparing for the worst.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

  • Thotzz by Anitha
    From anything to everything
    Location: India Flag of India

  • Ponto Media by Antonio Granado
    Weblog sobre media em português. Com ligações para artigos interessantes e para estórias de jornalismo e jornalistas. De segunda a sexta.
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal Flag of Portugal

  • Aryamehr by Aryamehr
    For the establishment of a free, democratic, secular, and nationalistic government in Iran.
    Location: London, United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

  • Ur Shalim by Bashir
    A Matter of Opinion. From Lebanon. With no Borders in Mind.
    Location: Beirut, Lebanon Flag of Lebanon

  • Wisdom of Rich Dad by Bernard
    Layman's view of the learnings from Robert Kiyosaki's books such as "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Cashflow Quadrants".
    Location: Singapore Flag of Singapore

  • Criaturas Noturnas by black shadow angel
    Blog sobre todas as criaturas que só saem à noite...
    Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil Flag of Brazil

  • In the maze of her imagination by Bleu
    Personal adventures
    Location: San Antonio, Texas Flag of Texas

  • DH Blog by Booh
    Husband Stuff - A Gathering of Husband Ramblings and Observations.
    Location: Montreal, Québec (Province) Flag of Québec (Province)

  • Boot's Byword by Boots Boyce
    The thoughts of the Bear within.
    Location: North Augusta, South Carolina Flag of South Carolina

  • Boundless Line by Boundless
    Bringing Focus to the Single Years.
    Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado Flag of Colorado

  • Friendster Tweakers by bramzero
    Friendster Customization Tools and Resources
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag of Netherlands

  • Jamaican view Reggae Music by bru
    current news about reggae, jazz, reggaeton, calypso and soca music
    Location: Florida Flag of Florida

  • Indian Wedding Planning Blog, The by Candice
    A one stop solution for Indian weddings & related events. Marry Me's Indian wedding planning blog has great wedding planning tips, wedding trends, contests and much more.
    Location: Mumbai, Kenya Flag of Kenya

  • The Indian Wedding Blog - Marry Me Weddings, Mumbai by Candice
    Marry Me Weddings Blog - A guide to wedding tips, trends and experiences. Marriage event reviews, Wedding venue reviews and ideas, honeymoon destination tips and guide and much more.
    Location: Mumbai, India Flag of India

  • Castle of My Dreams, The by Carla
    Events of the past have the strangest way of changing in the minds of people, especially when the people who were present at the time, aren’t alive to tell us what really happened. Add to that the unreliability of our own minds. The way a mind can play games on you. The way events from the past sometimes crowd in on us. Judge for yourself what is real and what is fantasy...
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa Flag of South Africa

  • bags of bits by Chris Hennebery
    focused on the independent software publisher and electronic software distribution
    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Flag of British Columbia

  • WAHOOOOOO!!! by chun
    WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! =))
    Location: Sierra Leone Flag of Sierra Leone

  • He's Dead, Jim. by Claudette
    Thought-provoking essays on life in New York City as a single female doctor.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

  • ClubBlogger by ClubBlogger
    Tips, tricks and ideas for all bloggers.
    Location: New York (State) Flag of New York (State)

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