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Birthdays on 13 November (108 weblogs found.)

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  • Woman From Illinois, A by A Woman From Illinois
    Rantings of a confused woman from Illinois
    Location: Illinois Flag of Illinois

  • Coscomment by A.P. Fuchs
    Commentary blog of Canadian author A.P. Fuchs - thoughts on publishing, writing, politics, religion and more...
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Flag of Manitoba

  • Telemarketing High Times by abcwealth
    Random opinions, quotes and observations from the far side on telemarketing and telemarketers ( both pros and cons ) No puns intended. Light up...Wake Up.... Shut Up... and for goodness sakes... DON'T LISTEN!
    Location: Los Angeles, California Flag of California

  • Ana Julia Jatar - Weblog by Ana Julia
    Ana Julia Jatar, economista, analista económica y política, escritora. En este Weblog, se concentran sus ideas, pensamientos, análisis y escritos, para ser compartidos con todas aquellas personas interesadas en los temas frecuentemente abordados por Ana Julia.
    Location: Caracas, Venezuela Flag of Venezuela

  • World of Angel by Angel
    An online resource teaching people how to make money blogging.
    Location: Phuket, No place, unknown, or undetermined Flag of No place, unknown, or undetermined

  • Agile blog by Armin Roehrl
    Blog dedicated to agile development methods and interesting software development stuff in general. Smart stuff here.
    Location: Germany Flag of Germany

  • Daily Taco by Bandini
    community blog for taco and street food enthusiasts
    Location: California Flag of California

  • Alterblogalisation by Baris
    Ecology and social movements ( in turkish)
    Location: Paris, France Flag of France

  • Bea by Bea
    My name is Liz and this is the story about how a Canadian (me) married an Englishman (David) and emigrated to New Zealand.
    Location: New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • Emigrating Immigrant, The by Bea
    This is the story about how a Canadian married an Englishman and emigrated to New Zealand. It's life, just on the other side of the hemisphere to our family.
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

  • Bead and Wire Wrap History by Beadshaper
    History of glass, beads, stones, metals, and jewelry.
    Location: Northridge, California Flag of California

  • Her Living Room Hero by Brad Simmons
    Her Living Room Hero is about the random events and humorous moments between a father and his 12-year-old daughter as they restore a 1966 Mustang together with the help of Google. The journey isn't so much about the restoration of a car as it is the restoration of a relationship as they both make the push towards growing up. Her Living Room Hero tells the anecdotes of a dad who'd rather teach his kids about the greatness that was the 1980's rather than impart on them the wisdom and culture of classical music, literature, and art. It's about understanding that as a parent, you are the single most influential person in your child's life, so you should take advantage of every possible chance to brainwash them while you can. More than anything, Her Living Room Hero is a dad's realization that one day he'll be forced to say goodbye to his little girl and hello to the woman that she never asked him for permission to become.
    Location: Frisco, United States Flag of United States

  • Journeys in the Banana Bus by Bryan
    Travelling and drinking coffee in a lovely yellow Volkswagen camper van...which is nice.
    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Flag of Scotland

  • El Boletín de Panamá by Carlos Christian Sánchez
    Noticias de Panamá y del Mundo. Sondeos, encuestas e información interesante.
    Location: Panama City, Panama Flag of Panama

  • El Observador de Panamá by Carlos Christian Sanchez
    El Observador de Panamá es una página web informativa sobre noticias y perspectivas del Istmo. The Panama Observer ia a informative web page of local and analysis.
    Location: Ciudad de Panamá, Panama Flag of Panama

  • Cheer by a Lamb: Unschooling Journey in the Philippines by Chamé Balisalisa Abbey
    We're an unschooling Filipino family based in the Philippines. Passion-driven. Interest-based. Natural. Unhindered learning. Spontaneous. Fun. Jesus Freak. Eclectic and Relaxed Homeschooling. Living life to the fullest.
    Location: Las Pinas, Philippines Flag of Philippines

  • Nobody asked me, but... by Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike
    Nobody asked me, but... is the work of Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a long time talk-radio listener/caller, heard coast-to-coast and in the Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley/ and NYC markets.
    Location: Northeast, Pennsylvania Flag of Pennsylvania

  • But I'm No Expert by Chris
    My opinions, discoveries, and rantings on random subjects...basically anything that I don't know everything about...which is pretty much everything. Frankly, you should read this blog because I think its the best one out there, but I'm no expert...
    Location: Nashvegas!, Tennessee Flag of Tennessee

  • Do I Look Like I Freakin' Care?! by Coco
    Personal blog. A whole lot of nonsense, some philosophical thoughts, reviews, etc.
    Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Flag of Indonesia

  • Compulsive Compositions by Compulsive Composer
    A place where I write about anything from the The Beatles to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; from health and nutrition to raising special needs children; from calvinistic theology to pop-culture ideology.
    Location: North Carolina Flag of North Carolina

  • Autism Speaks In April by corine
    For those of you unfamiliar with autism and its varied spectrum of disorders, take this month to learn more, as April is Autism Awareness Month. Additionally, through a UN resolution passed in 2007, April 2 is now officially World Autism Awareness Day.
    Location: Orange County, California Flag of California

  • Geeks Globe by Daniel
    Most Up To Date Geek And Gadget Site Out There
    Location: Sydney, Australia Flag of Australia

  • Freely Thinking Beings by Danny
    Free thought forum. I come up with ideas and bounce them off of you, the readers. Scope of topics is very broad.
    Location: United States Flag of United States

    Expositional Teaching Ministry of David Hester. We desire to find our Christian roots prior to the Nicean Council!
    Location: Hawthorne, Florida Flag of Florida

  • Colourful World by Didier Ting
    Where everything has its colour.
    Location: Singapore Flag of Singapore

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